Become our next TBEC Board member


Dear TBEC members,

Do you want to play a more active role in shaping the regional response to TB? Are you excited about the potential of civil society to be at the heart of the TB response? Do you feel more needs to be done and want to work with civil society from across the WHO European region?

Look no further: TBEC is excited to announce its call for the nomination of candidates to be considered in the election to the third TBEC Board.

WHY AN ELECTION? The term of office of the current TBEC Board is coming to an end and we need to elect members to the new Board which will sit for the next 3 years (As regulated by the TBEC Deed, Board members cannot stay on the Board for more than three consecutive terms of office i.e., a total of 9 years). TBEC believes civil society to be the key in driving TB response in the region, and aims to ensure active and direct participation of its members in the governance and management of TBEC’s network.

WHAT DOES THE BOARD DO? The Board is TBEC’s highest governing authority and is legally liable for the work of TBEC. It provides strategic, operational and financial oversight of the implementation of TBEC’s strategy. The Board will have 13 members, who are elected every three years in general elections. The current Board was elected in 2021 and their term ends this year.

WHAT IS EXPECTED OF THE BOARD? As regards the commitment expected of Board members, it is a voluntary function. Board members are expected to participate in quarterly conference calls and attend an annual Board meeting. The latter is typically conducted face-to-face, conditions permitting, coinciding with an international or regional TB event or conference, such as the Union (the last meeting took place in Paris, France). Board members are also expected to contribute up to 5 hours per month on TBEC related engagements.

To learn more about TBEC governance and the Board, please see the overview.


INTERESTED? OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED? All TBEC members are invited to nominate either themselves and/or other TBEC members to be candidates in the election of the 13 Board members who will sit for three years from March 2024.


Please note that a nomination is not a vote. A nomination makes a person a candidate in the election that will follow. It is in the election that you and all other members will be invited to vote.

To make nominations, just follow the simple steps outlined below:

1. Check if you or your nominee is eligible to apply. It’s very simple, the nominee:

·       has to be a TBEC member (current Board members are also eligible to be nominated for a further term of office);

·       has to have a working knowledge of English;

·       has to give their country of residence.


2. Please check with anyone you intend to nominate that they want to be nominated for a Board position, are willing to serve, and are already a member of TBEC. If someone is not yet a member, they should go to  or write to to become a member before the deadline for nominations.


3. To nominate yourself, simply fill in the short google-form where you will be requested to write your name, surname, country of residence and a short biographic note (max. half a page), outlining your strengths, intended contribution as a Board member, and hopes for the future of TBEC by midnight (CET) on Sunday, 11th February 2024.

To nominate someone other than yourself, please check if the person is willing to stand for the elections. Then send us their name, surname, country of residence and email address. We will then contact the person and ask for additional details and the biographical note written by himself/herself. Please DO NOT nominate someone if you have not checked with them first.


Again, the deadline for receipt of all nominations will be by midnight (CET) on Sunday, 11th February 2024.


4. As there are 13 vacancies on the Board, you may make up to 13 nominations, though making just one or two is also very acceptable.


Again, please note that nominating someone is not the same as voting. At this time, we are only asking for people to be put forward as candidates. Voting will take place once all nominees have been verified as fulfilling the eligibility criteria shown in Point 1 above.

After the deadline, the Secretariat will collate all the nominee information and will circulate it to the full membership, inviting all members to vote.


Arrangements will be made for voting online.


If you have any comments or questions, please send an email to

Become our next TBEC Board member
Become our next TBEC Board member