Position Statement on Transparency

Position Statement on Transparency

TBEC is non-governmental, non-profit-making and independent of industry, commercial and business or other conflicting interests.

TBEC ensures transparency in:


TBEC’s operational activities are supported via charitable donations. The network implements a due diligence process in relation to private sector for-profit funding, in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

Core Funding

Core funding to the network is comprised of charitable donations and project funding by international and regional stakeholders such as the EU Health Programme or Global Fund among others. The network does not collect membership fees from its members at this time.

Project Support

In addition, where relevant, particular projects/activities of the network may be funded and managed by members of the TBEC Steering Committee due to the pertinence of their location, relationships with target groups and beneficiaries, or particular area of expertise.

These contributions enable TBEC to deliver additional activities wherever possible, beyond the core operations the network. These may be comprised of in-kind support or charitable donations.

Contributions in Kind

TBEC Steering Committee and members’ contribution of their time and expertise lies at the heart of the network’s reach, relevance and impact. The long-term, voluntary commitment by Steering Committee members has been essential in order to achieve the level of expansion and effectiveness that the network has now reached. This commitment will continue as the network aims to move towards strengthening and formalising its internal processes and increasing its sustainability through increased fundraising capacity.

TBEC members, and in particular members of the TBEC Steering Committee, give their direct support to the TBEC activities by participating in meetings, trainings and consultations. Without network members, TBEC would not be able to organise country visits, advocate on behalf of the network in key decision-making spaces, network as effectively with other organisations across the WHO European region, or disseminate news, opportunities and best practice within the response to TB.