PRESS RELEASEOn World Tuberculosis Day 2019, the TB Europe Coalition calls on countries in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region[1] to... [...]
Update: On 5th of March, the Ministry of Health announced a public tender for TB services for the NGOs. Unfortunately, the call for tender covers... [...]
On St. Valentine’s Day, the TB Europe Coalition (TBEC) took part in a flash mob initiated by the Alliance for Public Health and Eurasian Harm... [...]
G20 is one of those rather mysterious international events that everyone has heard about, but could not really explain what exactly they are about,... [...]
WE BELIEVE IN CHANGEPellentesque at nunc mauris. Ut quis nisi lacinia, rutrum leo sed, rutrum augue. Fusce varius sollicitudin mauris, quis tincidunt... [...]