#YesWeCanEndTB if we move from commitments to actions!

#YesWeCanEndTB by moving from commitments to actions!

Over the past year, civil society and TB-affected communities have made tremendous progress work - largely thanks to your advocacy, governments have made serious commitments to TB response measures over the next 5 years leading up to the next UN HLM on TB.

Thought it's crucial that we continue to make efforts to turn these commitments into reality! Therefore, the next steps for CSOs and affected communities to achieve the goals of the Political Declaration on TB in countries should focus on:

  • Implementing a multisectoral accountability framework to accelerate progress to end TB. By adhering to the 10 steps proposed by the WHO, countries will launch the MAF-TB and relevant bodies will be fully engaged in combating TB determinants.
  • Adapting the Standardized package of community-based support services to improve tuberculosis outcomes. Serving as the foundation for regulatory frameworks, the standards for delivering support services will ensure high-quality assistance for individuals with TB, while strengthening the significant impact of CSOs and communities. 
  • Initiating Data collection for the four WHO Europe indicators to assess the impact of CSOs and communities. As a crucial accountability tool, this mechanism will reflect the systemic influence of communities and CSOs on programs, in accordance with the new WHO action plan to fightTB in the European Region for 2023-2030.

You will learn how to do it from the methodological and educational materials developed by the TB Europe Coalition for CSOs and affected communities at the following links: https://tbcoalition.eu/resources?open=publications

Yes! Together, we can end TB!

#YesWeCanEndTB if we move from commitments to actions!
#YesWeCanEndTB if we move from commitments to actions!